Pagan Viking rune pendant with the luck runes GIBU AUJA.

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Viking pendants I bought in Vancouver – Viking ship

Eastern Viking pendant of a seated figure grasping two animals, possibly Freyja, but it may be also a type of a "bounded man", known motif in Viking Art.

Viking Valkyrie Pendant They are usually called 'valkyries', because of the similar hairstyle and clothes of female 'cup-bearers' depicted on runestones, welcoming a fallen warrior or god Odin into Valhalla. However, the most probable option is the goddess Freyja, who was known as the powerful mistress of magic, the patroness of love and fertility. A large necklace, which is a prominent feature on these figures, may represent her famous necklace Brísingamen, manufactured by dwarves.

Viking pendants I bought in Vancouver – Valknut and Hammer

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Viking pendants I bought in Vancouver – Lion

Viking Ship Pendant - 30mm on 45cms. chain. Depicts the longship of the Viking sea raiders. An original design by Shetland Jewellery. The pendant can be supplied in silver, 9 carat and 18 carat yellow, white or rose gold. Chains available in different lengths on request.

Discounted set of 10 pieces of Viking Pendants for other re-sellers and not only for them - for everybody! Ten pieces of leather cord are included gratis.