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This is a development from France. As a matter of fact it is not a vitamin drink, as the French company is a bit smarter and only sells the dispensing cap with the vitamins, leaving it to the consumer to buy any kind of bottle of mineral water additionally, covering with this idea a much larger market. The vitamin dispensing cap is a screw cap that fits almost any water bottle, such as Evian, Volvic, Vittel, Contrex, Plancoet, Carola, Saint-Amand, Valvert, Saint-Georges, Mont Roucous, Rose de la Reine Montcalm … Most of the bottles with spring water are compatible. However, Cristaline shortened the neck of its water bottle, which no longer allows the opening of the Delo cap-capsule.

Los Angeles-based launched a line of functional beverages that features a custom-designed cap to keep vitamins and other healthful ingredients fresh until consumption.
The vitamin drink consists of a 16 oz PET bottle filled with water and capped by a custom-made dispensing closure that stores 3 gr of dry ingredient. The bottle, from , is distributed by , while the name of the supplier of the dispensing cap is not unveiled.

Vitamin drink, VitHit, launches Immunitea in UK - Retail Times

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    The vitamin drinks, were developed by ex-professional rugby player Gary Lavin and are claimed to be the perfect drink for those wanting a low calorie energy boost or simply seeking a healthier lifestyle. The Dragonfruit means that this drink is bright pink in colour, appealing to the female consumer for the summer.