KEMEI KM-605 Waterproof Electric Hair Trimmer Clipper

Panasonic ER224S, Hair Clipper and Beard Trimmer, Men's, Cordless, Wet or Dry Operation

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This innovative 100% waterproof Body Hair Trimmer delivers all your personal grooming needs and will keep you trim and tidy at all times. With Lithium Power, steel blades and a convenient hanging hook it should be a staple of every man's bathroom.

This is a waterproof hair trimmer model. Its waterproof grade reaches IPX7. We test it by washing the whole body and making trimmer clipper work under water for about 3 hours. No problem happened.

Remington BHT6250 Wet-Tech Body Hair Trimmer

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    The Waterproof Body Hair Trimmer works as it is called – this happens to be a waterproof trimmer which can be used to groom body hair even while you are in the shower itself. Not only does that make it a whole lot more comfortable, it is also more convenient as the cordless device will glide over your skin, trimming body hair while it is wet in order to minimize the irritation of a dry shave, while ensuring that whatever water pressure you are receiving from the shower head would immediately washing away the trimmings. The Waterproof Body Hair Trimmer comes with a 3mm blade and will cut neatly any hair on the chest, back, and other parts of the body. It will also be accompanied by a nose and ear attachment, while adjustable blades and comb guides for trimming the beard and mustache are there to help you out, too. All of its juice is derived from a pair of AA batteries.

    1. Trim It Wet
    You can cut it dry, but Whitely recommends that you use a waterproof body hair trimmer and do it in the shower. Hot water softens the hair and reduces the risk of pulled hair or nicks, he says.