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The PowerMax Wireless Burglar Alarm can have up to 28 Wireless Zones and 2 Hardwires Zones and all hardwire devices can be power by the PowerMax on Board Power. The PowerMax Alarm has a wide range of devices to choose from including Smoke and Flood detectors as well as the standard PIR’s and Door Contacts.

PowerMax plus range is a powerful home management and security system for small commercial and residential applications Not only does it provides immediate notifications of intrusion, smoke, flood, gas leak or excess carbon monoxide. It also enables homeowners to view control their homes and their automated systems via internet, both inside and out, anytime, from anywhere. Depending on the peripherals they select, PowerMax+ can pre-program lights, shades, gates and heating/cooling systems or control them by event or manually.

System event reports can be sent automatically to any private phone or, through the internet, to any computer. PowerMax+'s clear visual and voice guidance system minimizes training and support visits

This gives you the flexibility to protect various combinations of rooms/areas whilst leaving others free to enable movement around the property e.g. a part set program protecting all downstairs areas whilst leaving the upstairs free during the night.

A simple burglar alarm, even a wireless burglar alarm, will sound whether or not the alarm is monitored – but take note, most police departments will not respond to an alarm that is not monitored by an alarm monitoring company. That is why it is so important to have your alarm, whether it is a hard wired or wireless burglar alarm system, monitored by professionals. More on that in a moment, though. For now, let’s address what security systems are; these are the systems that feature burglar alarms in them.

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  • GSM wireless home burglar alarm system with 16 wireless zons   Main Function: 1. Can work with wired/wireless keypad 2. Free landline connection, Use SIM card 3.10 seconds voice record 4. Preset 7 group phone numbers,6 groups for auto dialing and...

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    Conventional wired systems often need the engineer to drill walls to run the hard wired cables or run them under floorboards or carpets. With a wireless system the engineer needs only to fix the detectors to the wall. The installation of the wireless burglar alarm is much more straightforward. In addition to the non-invasive installation the latest wireless systems are accredited to Grade 2 European standard which many insurance companies require.

    Life safety detectors may sound like unnecessary features to some people, but they are actually very important security system components that should not be undervalued. Remember: Floods can destroy homes and property, smoke detection is the first step of fire detection, carbon monoxide is a silent killer, and high or low temperatures can be dangerous to both people and pets. Some of the most popular wireless burglar alarms on the market today are full blown security systems that incorporate all these features. They go far over and above the standard home burglar alarm systems of yesterday.