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Crafted of the finest hand-dyed wood, the colors in the Rainbow Wood Egg Timer are inspired by the colors in nature. The three-minute hourglass timer is perfect for cooking eggs, for use when playing board games, or even the time-out chair! Made by Norpro, the egg timer measures 4-1/2″ x 1-3/4″. Turn upside down; time’s up when the sand runs out. Whoever thought an egg timer could be so pretty! For further information, visit .

We used to have a GE version, but it died. The newer GE version did not wire the same as the old (extra blue wire and different wiring = I matched wiring from old unit to new unit and it did not work. Contractor had to find "load", etc...

Once GE wired and working, it was super hard to program and the manual button didn't work. It could very well have been operator error...But, I bought a Woods In-Wall Digital Timer from Ace and installed and program in 15 minutes. Manual button worked!!! Timer didn't work because I didn't hit "Auto". Once again, operator error, but this time I was able to figure it out quickly.

lastly, I am a woman and I hate to read instructions. I had to read the instructions to both the GE and the Woods. The Woods timer is so much easier!

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What better way to defy those who watch the clock than by assuring the only "clock" to watch in your office is a sand timer! A wonderful blast from this past, this antique brass and wood sand timer assures that sand through the hour glass is, indeed, the days of your life! This sand timer is approximately 15 minutes (the two Gifts for Professionals tested were 16.30 minutes and 16 minutes but sand timers vary due to weather conditions, barametric pressure, etc.)

Add a gold plate to the top center of this sand timer and you can add a great message to the recipient such as "Time Waits for No Man" or "Our Love is Timeless" or dozens of other ways to assure time is captured in this handsome sand timer.

A perfect retirement or service award, the top area allows for a commemorative plate on it.