Xbox360 repair kit Fix 3 Red Light RROD

Ultimate Xbox 360 XCLAMP Repair Kit - 3 Red Light X-Clamp Fix w/ Arctic Silver Alumina & Opening Unlock Toolkit

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The TX XBOX REPAIR KIT - EXTREME EDITION includes all tools needed to perform the best at-home DIY repair to your Xbox 360 without having to ship it off for an expensive reball. This fix has become the defacto solution in repairing the majority of the RROD (red Ring Of Death) Xbox 360’s.

After selling over 150,000 units of the Repair Kit Pro II, has become the world's most popular Xbox repair kit manufacturer. Now after further research and enhanced techniques in Xbox repair and recovery, have designed their new flagship product that has been proven to cure most faulty Xbox's without the need for expensive . This is the third version of amazingly popular Xbox 360 (Red Ring Of Death) Repair Kit - the XBOX REPAIR KIT - EXTREME EDITION.

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Xbox 360 Red Ring of Death Fix Kit

The pliable foam heatsinks that are fitted to the Xbox 360's 4 Ram Chips have proven to be completely useless. Not only do they not provide the correct thermal protection, but due to the notorious warping of the motherboard when it overheats, the solder joints are prone to cracking and due to the lead-free solder they stay cracked once the Xbox cools down. TX have used a version of pad called Thermal K-Pad which transfers heat much more efficiently and is made of a much stronger material that is 25% thicker than the standard thermal pads. By being a thick and stronger material, the K-Pad keeps the Ram Chip firmly held in place forcing an even pressure between the Xbox case and the Ram chip itself, so when the solder melts, instead of cracking when it cools it simply maintains a strong bond. This method of Thermal K-Pad has been used in every TX Xbox Repair Kit since 2006 and has proven to work in tens of thousands of cases.

Every area of failure has been identified and the XBOX REPAIR KIT - EXTREME EDITION includes parts to not only resolve the problem but also protect against future failures. Specific areas of note that are targeted for repair are: