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I did a lot of research before taking my beagle puppy home. And ear infection is very common among the breed. I started looking for those to fight ear solution and Zymox has the most positive review. I think oh well, better safe than sorry. Oh boy I'm glas I was right. On second week with he he started developing dark brown wax and slightly heavy smell. I had to make do with cotton pad until my Zymox arrived. On the 2st application only, it's almost gone. But I kept using on 7 days in a row as instruction. No vet trip, no uncomfort for my puppy. Worth every penny. Highly recommend!

I've used this a few times on my 4 dogs. One gets an ear yeast infection they all end up with it. One receives Zymox they all end up with it. After 2 days you will notice a great improvement. Within 4 days it's all cleared up. I used it as directed. (although all ears looked good.) My dogs stopped rubbing their ears on the ground. Lethargy gone & energetic, playfulness, goofiness & happy dogs emerged. No vet bills!! Saved lots! Downfall.......no larger sizes. Your dog has ear problems give this a try. You'll be back to write your own 5 star feedback/rating.

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We have 2 older Vizslas with one having dry mouth that our vet could not diagnose nor offer a remedy. I tried Zymox and at first neither dog liked drinking water with this added but soon got used to it. I found that one 8 oz Zymox bottle lasted more than one month with both dogs using the same water bowl. This is a great product and solved our problem well.

Zymox Equine Defense Enzymatic Skin & Coat Wash cleans and maintains a healthy skin and coat on horses. This formula combines mild plant-based surfactants with a patented LP3 Enzyme system to eliminate harmful microbes without the use of harsh chemicals or detergents. This means that the formulation maintains skin and coat health without removing the skin's natural oils.